Lou Cove is an author, speaker, and fundraising guru. He has devoted his career to the intersection of creativity and capacity-building, helping launch and grow countless creative ventures (including his own memoir MAN OF THE YEAR).

Lou advises CEOs and boards of trustees at numerous national nonprofits, including the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, the The DiatTribe Foundation, American Institute for Architects, Represent.Us, Double Edge Theatre and Girls Leadership Institute.

In addition to coaching leaders and their teams on strategic growth and sustainability, Lou believes in putting his money where his mouth is: He has raised more than $70 million for the causes he cares most about. 

He is former Executive Director of Reboot, a network of leading young Jewish creatives devoted to “rebooting” modern Jewish culture: digital entrepreneurs at Google and YouTube; creators of TV shows and films like Lost, Orange is the New BlackTransparentAnchorman and Star Trek; journalists from NYT, Wiredand WSJ, etc.

Lou was also Vice President of the National Yiddish Book Center, Senior Producer at MassLive.com/Advance Internet, and Associate Publisher at American News Service, and Editor-in-Chief of Optimist Publications.